Our Philosophy

AKASHA means space and sky; the most subtle of the five elements in Sanskrit.

The world of Akasha is based on a solid vision of design, simplicity and timeless elegance.

Every piece in the Akasha Textiles line has been handcrafted. The blockprints are created using hand carved wooden blocks applied to the fabric by hand, relying on the trained eye of the printer to keep up a steady seamless pattern.

Our embroiderers are highly skilled artisans with skills passed on to them through the generations.

At Akasha, we respect our artisans highly specialized talents and are honored to have our collection made by them. Akasha’s lines feature bed linens and pillows that are decorated by machine embroidery, making the dream of deluxe quality embroidered linens a reality within reach.

As you look closely at your piece, you will embrace the quality of the workmanship involved and the time spent making sure it is just right.


Custom Made Handicrafts

Wooden Handicraft

Wooden Handicraft

Crafts hold a piece of yourself in them and it does not matter what you are creating. There are people that make all types of crafts and many of them use tools. However, when tackling handicrafts, power tools are avoided and even more of a person goes into each and every piece. That is why there are so many people looking to get into making custom made handicrafts.

How Are Handicrafts made?

Hand Crafted Jewelry

Hand Crafted Jewelry

Handicrafts are any type of craft that you create using your hands. They are typically made of wood and whittling, but they can be other things as well. Ceramic art, bone carving, bead working, and more are some of the most common and popular crafting styles. They are all done using hands to mold things into something. It can also be unique papercrafts, crocheting, quilting, and other things that we sometimes consider just crafting.

Using wood to create things can be the most rewarding since there are so many things you can do with it. Whittling allows you to create small items using only a knife and perhaps some sandpaper and a sealant to protect your creation. In some cases, it may also require you to use a saw, such as a chainsaw, to engrave wood into delicate things. Some people have discovered a way to use a chainsaw to write calligraphy style writing on a wooden object. This enables them to make beautiful name signs and such in a shorter amount of time than it would with a hammer, chisel, and knife.

Handicraft Designs

Why People Love Handicrafts

Clear Epoxy Table CoverHandicrafts are beautiful works of art that may take the form of a plaque, a statue, or anything else. They have style and beauty and often no two are created exactly alike. The same artist can create twenty and no two of them will be identical. This means when you purchase them, you have a one of a kind item and in order to protect it; many people choose to protect it in the best way possible. Quilts may be put up so that they are not stained by use, crocheted items are put on shelves to be looked at, and wooden items may be coated with a System Three Mirror Coat epoxy, which can even work to encapsulate items that you want to preserve. You could even take a small statue and encapsulate it into a paperweight or a bookend. This means you can take that special one of a kind item and pass it down to others in your family to show that it means a lot to you. If you are the creator of the artwork, you can also take your woodworking a step further with epoxy to ensure that your piece has more value to it. You can sell it for more or give it as a gift to a loved one and have it mean more to them. Either way, it becomes something that is even more special to its owner.

Why Buying Online Is Sometimes Hard to Do

The internet is used daily by most people around the world every day. They use it for keeping in touch with loved ones and friends who may live far away, they use it for gaming experiences, work, and of course, there is the shopping aspect of it. Each day, more and more people discover the joys of shopping at their most favorite stores via their home computer. Especially when they are looking for a specific item and visit selectspecialized e-commerce websites for that item. This could be anything from a specific pair of shoes to a personalized jewelry box, and even a good trolling motor battery. However, other people still prefer to go the old fashioned way of buying these items in person. Which are you willing to buy online?

Why Some Choose Not to Buy Online

Ecommerce-1024x928There is good and bad to shopping online, but it depends on what you are searching for. If you are looking for a product that is electronic, you can gain a lot from shopping via your computer because it opens the door to read reviews about what others think after they invested their hard earned money into it. Were they satisfied with the way it works or do they feel it was a total waste?

On the other end of the spectrum, though, you will find problems. In many cases, if you order online and have a product shipped to your front door, returns may become a little tough to deal with. A lot of retailers have horrible customer support, do not accept returns if they can prove it was damaged in route to your home, or simply do not have a return policy. This is where reading the small print becomes a requirement and often, even reading, will not give you a hint as to what you may actually be getting yourself into.

Another problem that comes up is that items you purchase online may be more expensive than the same item you could buy locally. Often these are the heavier items that are hard to ship. They may not show you more cost when you first find it on the website you hope to buy from, but by the time you calculate shipping into the cost, it could easily cost you a small fortune. One great example of this is batteries of any kind.

Why Buying Batteries Is Best Left Offline

CautionHeavyBatteries are often not very large, but they are at times extremely heavy. The best marine battery on the market is going to weigh possibly 50 pounds or more. Shipping costs are calculated by the pound and the size combined. Once you understand this aspect of it, is it truly any wonder that the battery you found online for $200 ends up costing you closer to $300?

In this case, you need to consider how much you may actually be overpaying for the same battery. Yes, you may go to your local stores and find that battery for nearly $300 and feel that you are not losing enough to worry about, but if you are like some people, you may still be overpaying. Many local stores offer a bonus to people who are turning in or recycling their old batteries, whether it is a marine or vehicle battery. This can often knock off several dollars from your total buying price. In the world of online shopping, you do not have this option. So, are you really saving if you buy online or does this simple fact make buying online a little harder to do for you?

E-Commerce Is Making Life Simpler For All Shoppers

Astro-1024x795The world we live in is run by computers. They make life both easier and more complicated at the same time. We are entertained by home computers, tablets, and smart phones. We learn about the products that are available and many people even use the internet to shop for items that they need or want. However, some of the major items or household items that you want, you may be cautious about buying online. You are not alone. Many people still feel the need to touch and see the items before they buy it. For some, it can be as simple as buying a shower head that they want to personally see and visualize before they buy it. Sometimes a simple photo of it, is not enough. Rest easy, things are getting easier if you are someone who worries about online shopping.

Enjoy the Freedom to Shop

If you are searching for the shower head of your dreams, you will first need to decide what type you want. Do you want a handheld shower head? A normal shower? There are a variety of types for you to choose from. There are light up shower heads, massaging shower heads, rainmaker shower heads, waterfall shower heads, and more. All it takes is a simple glance through Peerless shower head options and you will find an endless selection of shower heads for your home.

You will want to see how much water pressure it will provide you with, what settings are available on it, the type of material it is made from, the color choices you may have, and more. You can gain a reasonable idea of what is available through searching, but do you really know if you will like the item when you get it home?

A Bad Purchase Turned Great

Manufacturers and online retailers understand the constant struggle that people face when it comes to purchasing items online. The hassles and headaches of a purchase that is not exactly what you were expecting it to be may make you stop shopping with them. Therefore, the e-commerce sites that you shop through is going to great links to give you, the buyer, peace of mind on your future purchases. They are making it easier to return items that you are not happy with and they are providing buyers with the chance to read reviews on the items before they buy them.Ship-IT

For instance, you may look for the best shower head review and it lead you toward a shower head that you have not seen before. This shower head may look great from the picture of it, but do you really know whether it is what you dreamed of or not? You scroll to the reviews section and read what others say. The other buyers will tell you whether it offers water pressure and whether they installed it easily. Some will post videos of it working and tell you whether they love or hate it. It is all in an effort to make sure you make an informed decision and if it somehow still does not turn out the way you want, you can return it without hassles.

Buy Safely 

More and more people are turning to the internet for all of their needs. There are tools available to help you make the right choices regarding the things you buy and each day, these tools are becoming more user friendly. Therefore, why not shop for that Peerless shower head and learn everything you can about it through the shower head reviews? You most likely wouldn’t find out so much good or bad about it before you buy if you are shopping in a store.

Overcome Stress by Exercise

The fast pace of the modern life brought about by competition, meeting deadlines, and overwhelming demands make stress common to everyone. It’s impossible to completely avoid stress. In fact, somehow stressful events motivate people to do their best but too much of it may have harmful effects.

Understanding the Physiology of Stress

Every time the body perceives stress, the nervous system releases stress hormones such as adrenaline or cortisol. In turn, vital statistics may rise. The heart beats faster, blood pressure increases, enhance focus, tighten muscles, increase the respiratory rate in way of preparing the body in other fight or flight situation to handle the potential danger.

Stress is a normal physiologic response to threatening and upsetting events to achieve balance within. Stress reaction protects the body by helping regain energy, increasing the level of alertness and focus in emergency situations but consistently faced with stress is somewhat alarming giving total exhaustion to the body. Hybrid bikes for men usually will help give you a physical and mental challenge. That’s why, it is crucial to recognize the levels of stress before it goes out of control. Stress does not only affect the body physiologically but mentally and psychologically as well. Overwhelming stress can bring detrimental physical conditions and diseases, mental issues and can destroy social relationships.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Stress?

When a person experiences stress, he or she may exhibit poor judgment and decision-making skills. Exhaustion or stress overload may reduce the mind’s ability to concentrate bringing agitation and uncontrolled anxiety. Emotionally, a person may become moody, irritable, short-tempered and a sense of loneliness and emptiness. Meanwhile, physical symptoms of stress include aches and pain, gastrointestinal upset, nausea, dizziness, increase heart beat, chest tightness and pain, decreased libido and prone to respiratory ailments as stress can cause low immune response as seen on Hybrid Bike Resource. Stress also affects person’s behavioral pattern. Some experience excessive or reduce appetite, inability to sleep and alcohol, drugs or smoking abuse.

Factors Affecting the Level of Stress Tolerance

What is perceived stressful for you may not be perceived as the same to some individuals. Various factors influence the level of stress tolerance and may differ in one individual to another.

Support Group: Strong relationships with the family members and friends can help a lot in facing different challenges and stressful experiences. It’s crucial to have a strong support group so you can air out your issues and somehow seek help.

Outlook and Personal Views: If you are confident in what you do, you’ll be able to handle stress easily. It’s important to see the brighter side of any situation. When you are positive, you can easily embrace challenges and changes in life, to accept what is inevitable and deal with things for the better.

Ability to Control Emotions: Not everyone can control their emotions. Others may burst out especially when he or she doesn’t have the ability to soothe themselves when faced with complex emotions. Learn to keep emotions in check and bring it to the state of equilibrium.

Sense of preparedness: Whether it’s a perceive loss of love ones or a hurricane, the impact is different when you are prepared. This explains why it’s more hurtful to lose a sibling due to accident than the one who is diagnosed with chronic ailment like cancer.